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11 Nov 2016

The nostalgia lane competition has now come to an end and our team of bloggers Cracked nails & split ends, Hellobeautifulbear, Twinnymummy, Artsmum, Icklespickleslife, Newyoungmum, Thismamalife, Plutoniumsox, Singlemotherahoy and Theonlygirlinthehouse have picked their favourite entries, see them below!

Australian Driving Checklist

28 Oct 2016

Driving in Australia is a fantastic way to see the country on your own terms without having to rely on public transport, but before you jet off, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you’re fully prepared for your adventure.

Driving in Australia

28 Oct 2016

There’s no denying it – Australia is huge. So huge that the prospect of making the most of your visit can be a little intimidating. 

Australian Road Signs

28 Oct 2016

If you’re planning a trip to Australia you’re more than likely considering hiring a car and driving to where you want to go rather than relying on public transport. 

Driver Location Signs

28 Oct 2016

The last thing you need when you’re in a hurry is a mechanical failure with your car that puts the brakes on your journey and leaves you wishing you’d taken your car for that check-up after all. 

American Driving Checklist

28 Oct 2016

If you’re heading off to America for a driving holiday you’re in for a treat as there’s no better way to see the vast and impressive country. 

Driving in America

28 Oct 2016

The romance of the open road is a notion that seems to resonate through US culture.

American Speed Limits and Rules of the Road

28 Oct 2016

You can’t beat the feeling of hitting the open road and exploring the highways of America. 

American Road Signs

28 Oct 2016

Driving in the States can be a culture shock at first, especially if you’re not used to driving in foreign countries, but you’ll soon get into the swing of it. 

Australian Tolls, Motorways & Speed

28 Oct 2016

Driving in Australia is a great way to see the country and enjoy off-the beaten tracks sights you might not otherwise be able to see. 

Brake Problems

24 Oct 2016

If you notice something’s up with your brakes while you’re driving it’s wise not to take any chances – any sort of brake issue is potentially dangerous. 

Car Safety Recalls

24 Oct 2016

When buying a new car the last thing most of us are likely to be thinking about is the possibility of a factory recall.

Car Tax Explained

24 Oct 2016

If you’re new to driving or you’ve recently changed vehicles, getting your head around car tax can be difficult at first. 

How to report problems with roads, potholes drains and lighting

24 Oct 2016

When you’re driving to and from work or when you’re out and about at the weekend you can’t do much about the other drivers on the road or the pedestrians on the pavements and things get even more frustrating when you throw some road works into the mix. 

Why wheel balancing is important for every car

24 Oct 2016

If you own a car you’re probably already aware that its tyres must be in good condition and have treads that aren’t worn, but you might not spend as much time thinking about your car’s wheels. 

Drug Driving & Car Insurance

18 Oct 2016

Drug driving is the act of driving under the influence of any drug – legal or illegal – that could impair your ability. 

Croatian Road Signs

18 Oct 2016

Taking a car to Croatia is easily the best way to see the country. 

What happens if your electric car breaks down?

18 Oct 2016

There are plenty of things drivers can do to minimise the risk of breakdowns and if you have a regular, petrol or diesel car, you might know enough about what’s under the bonnet to fix a minor problem in the event of a problem – and even if you don’t, you know that help is only a phone call away. 

Driving in Croatia

10 Oct 2016

In recent years Croatia has emerged as a one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. The picture perfect Dalmatian Coast now rivals more traditionally established beach holiday mainstays in the Mediterranean and the rest of this beautiful and varied country is opening up to tourism in a way that few would have anticipated as recently as a decade ago.

Croatia Driving Checklist

10 Oct 2016

It may have blossomed into one of Europe’s most popular destinations in recent years but there’s still much to discover in this diverse and beautiful country. From its buzzing cities to the enchanting Dalmatian Coast, Croatia is a country that demands to be explored and there’s arguably no better way to do just that than by getting behind the wheel of a car.


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