Summer Driving Tips

We may be tempting fate here but it looks like summer is definitely on the way with sunshine predicted across the UK today.  Is your car ready to take the heat?  Here’s our top tips for keeping cool on the roads.

1. Make sure your air con is in top condition, if it’s not working on a hot day then you’ll soon find out what a difference it can make!  Low levels of refrigerant are usually the cause of a fault, often from a leak, so make sure you get an expert to check it over asap if you think your air con’s not quite as cool as it should be.
2. Check you tyres.   Under-inflated, over-inflated, worn down or misaligned tyres can be extremely dangerous, especially as the mercury rises over the summer months.  Check this great little website to run a quick check on the tyre pressure for your car.
3. Change your oil.  Driving in the summer can often put a bit more stress on your car and more stress can lead to overheating.  At the very least you should be checking your oil levels before setting out on any family road trips over the next couple of months.
4. Plan your petrol.  Teeing up petrol stops in advance can help keep your fuel costs down on some of your longer summer drives. can help ensure you take advantage of the best petrol prices
5. Get covered for breakdowns.  It can happen, it does happen and you don’t want to be stranded on your way to your summer holiday – the family won’t thank you for it!  We can sort out your breakdown cover quick and easily online.
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