Breakdown Cover

It is always comforting to know that help is just a quick call away when your car breaks down.

From roadside assistance to getting your car started at home, breakdown cover will ensure your motor keeps running so that you can reach your destination. Your vehicle can break down anywhere, any time - To keep you moving you'll have access to more than 3,000 recovery vehicles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What do I get?

24-hour UK cover 365 days a year**
Over 3,000 recovery vehicles¹
71% of vehicles repaired at the roadside¹

Why Do I Need Breakdown Cover?

Specialist assistance if you’re not handy with a spanner it pays to have instant access to trained mechanics who can assist you.

Safety & peace of mind even with the right tools and know how, not all vehicle problems can be fixed at the roadside. Breakdown cover ensures that you still get to your destination, and your vehicle is taken safely to a garage where it can be repaired.

Breakdowns inconvenience everyone on the roads, not just breakdown victims according to the Institute of Advanced Motoring, more than 40% of motorway and A road lane closures in England in 2014 were caused by vehicle breakdowns.

Breakdowns can be more than just an inconvenience: they can be dangerous more than 185,000 breakdowns took place on UK motorways and A roads in 2014, and more than 40,000 of these were in a ‘live lane’ i.e. a lane with other moving traffic around it.

Breakdown Cover - fast facts

  • Will my partner/children be covered if they break down in my vehicle? Yes. Your breakdown policy covers your car and anyone legally driving it with your permission
  • How many callouts am I entitled to per year? You’re covered for up to six callouts every year

Our Breakdown Cover options

You can pick from four options to decide what the best breakdown cover option is for you.

Roadside a great budget option that offers roadside assistance, local vehicle recovery, no call out charges and a free messaging service

Roadside Plus extends the range of cover to include local recovery, recovery to your destination as well as roadside assistance

Full UK Recovery this next level of cover also provides home start assistance if your car won’t start at home, making it a great option for those who rely on their car for work

Full UK & European Recovery our most comprehensive breakdown cover insures you for all of the above, plus up to 60 days European cover for trips abroad

Should you want more details on the breakdown cover options we currently offer – Click here

Personal Breakdown Cover

As an optional extra you can enhance your policy to include Personal Breakdown Cover. This covers you, not the car you drive.

  • No matter what car you’re driving, you’ll be able to access our full range of Breakdown Cover options
  • It’s a great option for motorists who use a car for work and another for personal use

Terms and Conditions

* Price based on Full UK Recovery for a vehicle 5 years or younger (prices vary depending on chosen level of cover. Duration of cover is 12 months) Price correct as of 01/10/15 & is subject to change.

** No cover is provided within the first 24 hours of buying breakdown cover

¹ Statistics above correct from 01/01/2015 to 01/12/2015.