Choosing Breakdown cover

Pondering what level of cover to choose? Kwik Fit Insurance Services offers several levels of Breakdown cover. Read on to discover which suits you best

No matter what car you drive breaking down is, unfortunately, always a possibility and being stranded on the road is no fun for anyone. Breakdown cover gives you the assurance that help is always at hand. 

There are four main types of Breakdown cover available from Kwik Fit Insurance Services, so there should be something to suit your needs and your budget. Every situation has been thought of and services go from basic roadside assistance all the way to full European cover for those who spend time driving abroad.

Here’s a quick summary of the levels of cover available with Kwik Fit Insurance Services:


This cover offers roadside assistance and local vehicle recovery as well as a free messaging service and no call out charges. This package offers peace of mind even if you’re on a budget.  This level of cover would suit drivers who don’t use their car very often or those that rarely set out on long journeys. 

Weekend and fair weather drivers could consider this package, it’s also cost effective if you want the option of cover for a second car. 

Roadside Plus*

The next level of cover offers everything that Roadside cover offers as well as UK vehicle recovery.  Drivers who use their car regularly and don’t confine themselves to local routes should consider this level of cover.

This is a great all round package and the addition of UK vehicle recovery makes it a worthwhile purchase. This plan is great for people who drive every day and use the car for longer journeys.

Full UK Recovery*

Recovery is the next level up and offers all aspects of Roadside Plus as well as assistance at your home if your car won’t start. This level of cover can be invaluable for drivers who rely on their car for work. 

The addition of home assistance in particular makes this plan stand out. Breakdowns don’t just occur on the road and if your car won’t start at home you’ll probably be glad you went for this level cover. 

Full UK & European Recovery*

This is our most comprehensive breakdown product available and offers all aspects of Recovery as well as European cover. Drivers who plan on taking their car abroad should consider this level of cover. Breakdowns can happen at anytime, but when you’re abroad there’s a good chance that your problems will be exacerbated, especially if you don’t speak the language. 

Even for drivers who only drive abroad occasionally for short breaks or a family holiday it’s well worth considering this plan as the inconvenience of a breakdown can ruin a holiday if you’re not covered. Recovery Plus offers maximum peace of mind for any breakdown.

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*What’s not covered:

 • Punctures if the vehicle is not carrying a spare wheel/puncture repair kit/key to unlock wheel nuts.

• Labour charges over 1 hour at the roadside

• More than 6 callouts per year

• If your vehicle breaks down within 24 hours of buying this policy

• Breakdown of any vehicle other than the one insured

• Callouts within 1 mile of your home address (Roadside and Roadside Plus only)

• Cover in Europe is limited to 31 days per single trip, 60 days a year in total (Full UK & European Cover only)


* Price based on Full UK Recovery for a vehicle 5 years or younger (prices vary depending on chosen level of cover. Duration of cover is 12 months) Price correct as of 01/10/15 & is subject to change.