Car insurance FAQs

How can I make a change to my policy?

The majority of changes can be made online by visiting the existing customer area of our website.  Should you need to make a change over the phone, please contact us. 

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I have a query regarding the cover that my policy provides?

Full details of cover provided can be found in your policy book.  Please check your documents for details on how to access your policy book, alternatively if you have any questions, please call us.

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How can I make a payment?

You can make payments to your policy online by visiting the existing customer area of our website.  If you have received a letter in connection to a missed payment or outstanding balance please ensure you are making the payment within timescales advised.

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I received a free MOT when I purchased, how do I book this?

Please click here to view our step by step booking guide 

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How can I access my documents or request duplicate documents?

Depending on when you purchased your policy you may be able to view and print your documents online, if you are not able to do this you can request a copy of your documents to be posted to you, please visit our existing customer area to view or request a copy of your documents. Please note there is an additional fee for duplicate documents.

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What happens if I cannot make a payment on time?

If you cannot make a payment on time please contact us to discuss this. If you do not contact us and we do not receive payment on time, a charge will be applied to your account. You can see full details of our fees/charges in the Terms of Business Agreement document sent to you when you bought your policy. 

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Does my policy cover me to drive abroad?

As part of your policy we also provide the same level of policy cover for up to 60 days a year in the European Union. But please call us so we can check this for you or refer to your policy booklet before you travel.

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Does my policy cover me to drive other cars?

Driving other cars does not apply to all polices.  If you are already a customer, it will be shown on your certificate of insurance.

Driving other cars applies to the policyholder ONLY and allows them to drive other cars (but not motorcycles) on Third Party cover ONLY. This cover is only available for driving in the UK. Further terms and conditions apply, for which you should refer to the policy book or contact us.

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I have been involved in an accident, what should I do?

Call us on 0800 561 0600 – our claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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Will you ask for proof of my No Claims Bonus?

We may ask you to provide proof of your No Claims Bonus and/or driving licence to verify the details on your policy.  If we require these, we will contact you to advise how to send this.

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Will my policy automatically renew?

We will normally automatically renew all your motor policies and any optional extras 5 days advance of the renewal date, unless you have asked us not to.  If you paid in full, we won’t automatically renew your policies if your payment fails. We may, at our discretion, choose not to automatically renew if you have an unpaid balance or have had difficulty in making your payments. If you pay by instalments, cancelling your direct debit will not stop your policy from automatically renewing; you must contact us to stop the renewal. We will write to you before the renewal date to explain what will happen, and to let you know what the policy terms and new payments will be.

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Can you send me proof of my No Claims Discount?

You can find proof of your no claims discount on your most recent renewal notice. If your policy has recently been cancelled and you have not received proof of your no claims bonus then please contact us.

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