Car Insurance Tips and Guides

We make sure you're properly covered in case the worst happens but we'd rather you enjoyed year after year of safe motoring with no mishaps. So we've come up with a variety of hints and guides to help make sure you do.

Tips to help keep your car on the road:

Car Insurance Groups

Need some more information on car insurance groups? We've put together a helpful little guide here

Car Insurance Renewals

Read more on the importance of making sure your car is insured. Thankfully your car insurance can be automatically renewed with us to save time.

Car Maintenance Guide

A quick guide to help avoid breakdowns

Cheaper Car Insurance Tips

Owning a car and keeping it on the road can be an expensive business. Thankfully there are several things that you can do to make it less expensive.

Classic Car Insurance 

For owners of classic cars, they are more than just vehicles, but rather a hobby and a passion. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance 

If you are looking for complete peace of mind, you may wish to look at our comprehensive car cover option. 

European Breakdown Cover

Going abroad? We've added some helpful tips on things you might want to consider before travelling

European Car Insurance

More information on European car insurance including the countries we cover. We also have some helpful pre-travel tips before embarking on your journey.


Find out what the practice of ‘fronting’ is and why it’s a bad idea here

Gender Neutral Pricing

What is gender neutral pricing and how does this affect your car insurance? 

How Car Insurance Quotes Are Calculated

Ever wondered what factors insurers consider before offering a car insurance quote? We thought we would give you some insight

Imported Car Insurance

Imported cars are often considered exotic in nature. It can therefore sometimes be tricky to arrange insurance for them, as they are sometimes treated as non-standard by insurance companies - find out why here

Is My Car Insured?

Unsure on how to check if your car is insured? More information here!

Modified Car Insurance

Many motorists are passionate about their cars and will often want to tweak them in order to alter the appearance or performance of their vehicle. Read here on how this can affect your car insurance premium. 

MOT Checklist

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the MOT.

New Driver Insurance

So you passed your drivers test and cant wait to get out on the road. Before you do that, you'll need to get insured.

Personal Possessions Cover & Car Insurance

If you are in the habit of leaving items in the car, you may wish to read more on personal possessions cover.

Better safe than sorry

Here are a few simple checks you can carry out before you drive that could prevent you running into problems.

Squeeze the last drop out of petrol prices

Don't use up gallons looking for the cheapest petrol in town. Check here for the best price in your area.

Students and Car Insurance

Read out handy guide on student car insurance for some handy pointers on how to save money

Taxing your vehicle

The process of taxing your car has never been easier...

Third Party Only

It is a legal requirement to have at least third party car insurance - this is the minimum level of insurance on offer. More information can be found here. 

Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPF&T)

The next step up from Third Party Only Car Insurance - Read more on what we offer for this type of cover. 

Winter driving tips

Helpful tips for driving in wintry conditions.

Additional Driver Insurance

For many people, owning and maintaining a car can be expensive and because of this many choose to share a vehicle with other people.

Car Insurance Myths

With so many companies offering hundreds of varying insurance policies, it’s easy to get the facts wrong about who does what.

Cancelling your car insurance policy

There are many reasons you may wish to cancel your car insurance policy. Read on to make sure you’ve considered all the relevant information before contacting us to discuss your cancelation.

Car Insurance For 17 year olds

Nothing beats the anticipation of hitting the open road when you’ve just passed your driving test and choosing your first car only adds to the excitement. 

Car Insurance For 18 year olds

Looking for insurance for an 18 year old? Find out how we can help you get the best cover possible. 

Electric Car Insurance

If you’ve been thinking about your carbon footprint and the impact you have on the environment, you might be considering trading your old gas guzzling motor for something a little more eco-friendly.

No Claims Bonus and Discounts Explained

If you’ve been driving for over a year, you may well have heard of a no claims bonus, but did you know that, according to the ABI, it can save you as much as 30% for one claim-free year and 60% for five claim-free years.

Do You Need GAP Insurance?

Guaranteed Asset Protection or GAP Insurance is frequently sold with new cars and insures you against the falling price of the vehicle.

Towing and Insurance Guide

Find information about caravan and trailer insurance. What policy should you have when towing another vehicle or trailer? 

What are the most fuel-efficient cars on the market?

Petrol and diesel prices may be dropping, but when it comes to shopping for a new car, fuel economy is still a top priority for most of us.

Black Box Insurance

Find out all you need to know about black box insurance and how you could pay less cover by proving you are a safe driver.

How to Declare Your Car SORN

How to apply for a SORN and take your vehicle off public roads.

How to Avoid Car Insurance Scammers

What are the most common car insurance scams and how to avoid being caught out.

Insurance Premium Tax

What is Insurance Premium Tax and how does it affect your insurance cost?

Insurance Fraud

Avoid filling a fraudulent car insurance claim by knowing what not to do in the event of a crash or when updating your policy details.

Temporary Car Insurance

Do you need temporary car insurance between 1-28 days to drive another car or add a driver to your own car? Find out what level of cover you will need

# Free MOT Terms & Conditions

1. Only purchases that originate directly from the Kwik Fit Insurance Services website (, Compare the Market and GoCompare comparison websites will be eligible for the offer, any purchases through other price comparison websites are excluded.

2. Kwik Fit Insurance Services may, in exceptional circumstances, withdraw or amend this offer at its discretion. In this event, Kwik Fit Insurance Services will provide all qualifying customers reasonable advance notice via email/letter, and will endeavour to provide an alternative offer of the same value. 

3. Is not transferrable. Entitles only the named Kwik Fit Insurance Services policy holder to one free MOT test for the vehicle insured through us. 

4. Free MOT test available at Kwik Fit MOT centres only. Kwik Fit have over 500 MOT Test centres. To locate your nearest Kwik Fit MOT centre please click here. 

5. The MOT must be booked online at, selecting any participating Kwik Fit MOT centre on a date and time that is available. 

6. Valid for 12 months from the date of inception of your insurance policy subject to point 1 above. 

7. Only one MOT test is free. Any re-tests or repairs in connection with the MOT must be paid by you. 

8. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher. 

9. No cash alternative available. 

10. Is not valid in Northern Ireland. 

11. Can only be used for privately owned vehicles.  

12. Cancellation and deferral terms and conditions apply to the MOT booking facility. See for further details.