Home Insurance

We may like cars but we’ve also got a soft spot for homes and the stuff we put in them.  What’s more, we like the idea of a safe and secure home, from bricks and mortar to the most treasured of possessions.

Our panel of insurers like this too and work with us to help offer you our cheapest home insurance premium quote. 

You can choose your home insurance requirements from the list below:

What do I get?

New for old contents cover
Up to £1500 replacement locks cover for theft of keys
Up to £500 freezer contents cover*
Up to £1500 garden contents cover*


What kind of Home Insurance cover do I need? 

Buildings & Contents - if you own your own home

Whether you own it outright or are paying a mortgage, you want to make sure that the building itself, as well as all your valuable possessions, are covered. The cost of structural damage can be high, and many homeowners find that this kind of cost is beyond them should anything go wrong. Flooding, fire, collision - all can cause serious damage to building structures, as well as to the contents of your home, and that’s why most homeowners opt for this level of cover. In fact, most mortgage lenders will insist on buildings cover being in place in order to progress with your mortgage application.

Contents only - if you’re renting

If you’re renting from a landlord, it’s normally the landlord’s responsibility to look after the cost of insuring the structure of the property. However, they’re not responsible for what happens to your possessions. From gadgets and gizmos like smartphones and laptops, to clothing, record collections, books, bikes and jewellery - whatever you own that holds value can be insured to protect it against fire, damage, loss and theft.

Buildings Only 

Buildings insurance is designed to protect you against the cost of repairing damage to the physical structure of your home. This includes all the property’s permanent features, such as the walls, roof, floor, windows and doors, as well as fixtures like fitted kitchens, plumbing, cabling, baths, sinks and drains. 

While buildings insurance is not legally compulsory most mortgage lenders will require you to take out a policy and it is certainly wise to ensure that you are covered for the full cost of repairing your home in the event that it is damaged or destroyed. 

Rebuild and repair costs in the wake of serious damage caused by fire, flooding, storms, subsidence, vandalism or a variety of other causes can be extremely steep so the protection offered by buildings insurance really is invaluable for most homeowners.  

* Contents Cover only