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Stay safe on the road with cycle centre.  Information on safe road use and best places to cycle in UK and abroad

How can you cycle more confidently on the road?

Being a more confident bike rider not only makes cycling more enjoyable - it makes it safer too.

A Driver’s Experience of Cyclists on the Road

I have been teaching people to drive for over 25 years and there is one main thing that I have noticed a lot while driving behind other cars during a driving lesson; attitude to cyclists on our ro

Road Share and Presumed Liability

You may have heard the terms ‘road share’ and ‘presumed liability’ being used in the News and Press.

Cycling road safety across Europe

If you’re planning on cycling around Europe, you’ll need to know the different road safety rules for each country you want to visit to ensure you’re always safe, no matter where

What Is Being Done to Improve Cycling Safety in the UK?

As our recent survey into the UK’s attitudes towards road cycling has revealed, of nearly two-thirds (63%) that have cycled

New survey reveals UK’s attitude to road cycling

Here at Kwik-Fit Insurance Services, we’ve been looking at attitudes towards cycling on public roads.

Cycling on the Road – Rules and Tips

Taking a bike out for a spin is a great way to get some exercise, but not everyone feels comfortable cycling on the roads, especially as the nights draw in for winter. 

Gearing up for Winter Cycling

Extra caution is certainly advised before hopping on your bike when the roads are icy but there’s no need to leave your bike in the shed all winter.

How cycling has impacted on road use and implications for the future

Our featured Cycling expert Rebecca Charlton an editor from cycling weekly has given her thoughts on the current state of cycling in Britain.

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