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Kwik Fit Fit Insurance Services Data and Research Centre, covering topical and seasonal research.

What Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance?

Your insurer needs to know the truth about you and your car in order to calculate the right product and premium for you.

What type of Driver are you?

Are you an honest driver? Kwik Fit Insurance recently carried out some research into British drivers’ motoring habits, and we got some surprisingly honest answers:

Pains, Train & Automobiles

Going somewhere nice? You might be better off by car.

Differential between Train Fares & Petrol Prices Increases

While this New Year has seen the smallest price rise in train fares in recent years, some of the most popular train routes in the UK continue to offer scant value for money compared to making the

Driving Distractions: What stops UK drivers from watching the road?

We’ve taken a look at the most common distractions that people experience when driving and what you can do to stop this happening.

Smoking in Cars

Smoking in Cars: How will new legislation affect drivers in the UK?

Nearly 8 million drivers hit the roads despite suffering side effects of hay fever medication

Here in the UK we’ve been enjoying some truly fantastic weather recently - plenty of heatwaves and high temperatures mean everybody’s out driving with the windows down, enjoying the sunshine while

Know Pressure?

Our latest survey results are in! How much do people really know their cars?

Nearly Half of Brits Oblivious to New Drug Driving Laws

New research from Kwik Fit Insurance Services has found that a large proportion of UK drivers surveyed are unaware of new drug driving laws for England & Wales coming into force on March 2nd t

The Car vs. Public Transport

Public transport is great if and when it takes you to exactly where you want to go and it is regular enough that you don’t have to wait too long.


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