American Road Signs

Driving in the States can be a culture shock at first, especially if you’re not used to driving in foreign countries, but you’ll soon get into the swing of it. 

To help speed up the process, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the road signs you’ll encounter when you get there. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to give you a head start. 

Please note: this is meant as a guide only and we encourage you to do your own research, especially if you know which state you’re heading to as you may find some signs are different. 

Warning signs 

The warning signs in the USA are strikingly different to those you’ll find in the UK. They are usually diamond shaped with a yellow or fluorescent yellow background. 











This sign means you are approaching traffic lights. 











This sign means stop ahead. 

Prohibitory or exclusionary signs

Different states have different prohibitory (or exclusionary signs as they are known in America). Here are some of the more common ones. 










This is an American no entry sign.







 If you see this sign, you’re going the wrong way. 









This sign means no unauthorised vehicles. 

Priority signs

In America, the priority signs look like the warning signs. 











This sign means give way ahead ahead. 











This sign is one you’ll see in New York State and it marks a single lane. 

Speed Limit

Speed limit signs look very different to those in the UK, but they are easy to recognise. 












This is the sign for 50mph. 

Stop and Yield

Stop and yield signs are red and easily recognisable. 











This sign means you must come to a complete stop before proceeding. 









This sign means you must give way. 

Lane Usage and Turns

These signs tell you when you can and can’t turn and who can use the lanes. 










This sign means no U turns.









This is the sign for a bike lane. 

Regulation of Movement

Regulation of movement signs let you know how to use the road ahead. 












This sign means keep right (If you see this sign reversed it means keep left).








This sign means you mustn’t overtake the other cars on the road. 










This sign means you can overtake the other cars on the road. 

As you can see, the road signs in the US are wildly different to the ones you’ll find on British roads, but don’t let that put you off the driving holiday of a lifetime!



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