Croatian Road Signs

Taking a car to Croatia is easily the best way to see the country. 

Whether you’re heading to the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park or you’re planning a relaxing weekend at one of the picturesque lakes, you’ll be glad you don’t have to rely on public transport to get around. 

Croatia boasts an incredibly rich history, an idyllic stretch of coastline and more than a thousand islands, so it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular destination for road trippers and holiday makers.  

Whether you’re taking your own car or hiring one when you get there, one thing you’ll need to do before you leave is familiarise yourself with the country’s road signs and the rules of the road.  

The biggest difference is that they drive on the right in Croatia, but once you get used to that, you should find driving in Croatia fairly similar to driving anywhere else.  

So, if you’re heading to Croatia for a weekend break in the city or an extended holiday exploring the lakes and parks, here are some of the road signs you’re likely to see when you’re there.  


Warning signs 

The warning signs in Croatia are similar to the ones you’ll be used to in the UK and other European countries. They are usually triangular with a red border and a white background.







This sign means there is danger ahead. 







This sign warns drivers there is an animal crossing ahead. 


Prohibitory signs 

The prohibitory signs in Croatia are also similar to the prohibitory signs you’ll see in the UK. They are usually circular with a red border and a white background. 








This sign means the road ahead is closed to all vehicles.







This is the creation no entry sign.


Priority signs

Croatian priority signs are also very similar to the priority signs in the UK and other European countries. However, there are some that we don’t have in the UK.







This sign means you are on a priority road and that you have the right of way. 







This sign shows that the priority has now finished and you must now give way. 


Mandatory signs 

The mandatory signs in Croatia are usually circular with white markings and blue backgrounds. 







This sign means bicycles only. 







This sign tells drivers that snow chains must be used.


Special regulation signs

When driving in Croatia you might see some special regulation signs that you haven’t seen before if you don’t drive in Europe that often. 







If you see this sign, there’s a pedestrian crossing ahead. 

Driving in Croatia is especially rewarding as it gives you the chance to maximise your holiday and do a lot more than if you were to rely on taxi’s or public transport. 

Ensuring you have a good understanding of the road signs and the rules of the road will give you peace of mind and make you a safer driver. 






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