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Fish in France by Michael Raemes

Drove from Weston super mare to St Michel in the Dordogne via the channel tunnel. My 18 yr old son. 15 yr old son and my brother. We were going to carp fish abroad for the first time. We planned the trip to drive without motorways in France. The rolling fields and peaceful tranquillity of the French villages. We drove down through Normandy and got a real feel of the enormity of what really happened there a lifetime ago. My 2 children, even at the ages they were, asking questions and taking in the scenery. We arrived at our lake surrounded by woods. Beautiful.


Whitby abbey and Scarborough Castle by Paul Turnball

We decided to go on a seaside journey with a difference. Myself my wife and our 2 kids set off early to make the most of our day.

After a pleasant drive down to Whitby we parked up and decided to tackle the stairs to the abbey. Once at the top the view was amazing. Inside the abbey itself the kids loved exploring the grounds playing hide and seek.

we were soon on the road to Scarborough. We parked by the castle and walked down to get our fish and chips. Afterwards we climbed up to the castle.  The view from the top took our breathe away. The perfect day out.


Europe by Sarah

When we were kids our parents would book a campsite in Italy. We would pack up the car get the ferry and drive across France. I can remember having breakfast under the Eiffel tower.  We had a big brown Toyota estate and while my parents took turns driving we would put the backseats down and sleep in the back as we travelled through the night. We did this many times taking different routes i remember stopping in Belgium and Switzerland as well as Germany too. Such a great experience and loads of great memories.


Round & round the roundabout by Liz Denial

It was the summer holidays & we were travelling south to stay with relatives. I was 4 years old & it was my first long trip in the car. My Mum was navigating & when she told my Dad to go right round the roundabout I screamed at the top of my voice 'NOOOOOOOOOO I don't want to go on a roundabout, I HATE roundabouts'. Everyone burst out laughing as I had a phobia of the funfair & thought we were going on an actual roundabout ride. I've never lived it down & even 52 years on my family laugh about it & so do I although I didn't at the time.


To the lakes! By Ozzie Beesley

My Girlfriend and I went on our first holiday to the Lake District. A long 450mile drive in a little Mini Cooper. This trip was planned for months and we were urging to get to the lakes. We spent 4 days camping in the most amazing places and went on the most incredible walks that took our breath away. We couldn't ask for a better trip!


Cornwall in a day by Ann

It would be 4 in the morning on a Saturday in the school holidays that we would all get up and get into dad's old banger, mum in the front, my sister and I in the back - no seat belts of course. Off we would go from Guildford to Cornwall which took us ALL DAY. We always broke down on the way, no rescue services to help out, only dad's clever hands. The best stops were the layby stops where dad would ignite the primas stove for sausages to be cooked and the kettle to boil for a cup of tea. Two weeks later we had to do it all again on the return journey.


Paw Patrol by Leanne Bell

Growing up our budget 'holidays' consisted of a long car journey in a Silver Escort from Devon to Blackpool and 2 nights in a Travel Lodge.

The one year we had recently got a puppy, and for some mad reason we decided that we were going to take her with us, even though we hadn't worked out sleeping arrangements.

We stopped often on the almost 5-hour trip for toilet breaks and petted the dog and sang badly to the radio the rest of the way. The car journey went quickly in comparison to previous years and we even blagged the dog into the hotel!


O'Sullivan family Spanish adventure by Selene O’Sullivan


Me, my hubby Paul and our three children Olivia (9), Rohan (6) and Isaac (2) made our car home for nearly two weeks and travelled from Swansea, S.Wales to Estartit, Spain (1000 miles). We stayed in a cabin on a car ferry for a night then survived a thunder storm in a tree house mid-France before finally arriving in Spain to live in a caravan for a week. We played games, sung songs and listened to a lot of Roald Dahl audio books to pass the long hours on the road. We made amazing family memories on this trip. Fantastic family fun.

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