Nostalgia Lane Blogger's Top Road Trip Tips

We have created a competion called Nostalgia Lane on our Family Hub section of the site.

We teamed up with family bloggers to help give us their top tips when it comes to keeping your children entertained on a long family road trip. 


Tanya Hindes  -  Cracked Nails & Split Ends

Make sure to take a collection of toys. Hand held puzzles, colouring books, stickers, word-searches and even small packs of Plasticine will pass the time on a long car journey. Along with comfy pillows and blankets that they can wrap themselves in and snugly up. 


Jess – The Only Girl in the House 

Forget I-Spy! There’s little to see from a speeding car window except the road, other cars and the back of parents' heads. Instead, plays I-don’t-Spy: "I don’t spy with my little eye something beginning with K”, where the k represents anything in the known universe not visible from or in the car. Watch as the kids waste ooddles of road time guessing anything from Jabberwocky to Hadron Collider.


Nicola Moss - Twin mummy yummy

My top tip would be to play a treasure hunt type game where the kids have to find things along the journey and tick them off the list.


Kaz – Ickle Pickles Life & Travels

Choose a film, and describe a character for the others to guess. This is great and includes all my children, as we pick a real family film. Current favourite is Finding Dory!  I also play this a lot with my three year old with animals. He asks to play it! It can be as simple as the colour / size of the animal and the noise it makes. We also tell a story with each member of the family adding a line - the results can be hilarious! Other variations include taking turns to sing / hum a line from a song and the others guess the song.


Lucy Smith – Hello beautiful bear 

My technology-free tip for today would be to make a karaoke CD so everybody could get involved in a good 'ole sing-a-long during the journey.


Sarah - This Mama Life

Make a Busy Box - Fill a tupperware box with simple craft supplies - such as paper, crayons, stickers and other easy items to use on the move. Have competitions between siblings and have the whole family involved in judging.

For longer road trips, add a few, small toys from Pound Land, or somewhere similar - ideally wrapped for extra fun.


Alice Young – New Young Mum

If they are older, you can never go wrong with “Eye Spy with my little eye” game and make them think about riddles, or playing the Alphabet game, where there is a theme for each letter: for example: letter A – theme countries or animals.

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