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3D Printed Cars Are A Reality

It doesn’t feel like so long ago that the notion of 3D printing still sounded like something from a far-fetched sci-fi story.

Top 5 Luckiest Drivers

Isn’t technology wonderful? Thanks to dash cams we’ve been given a driver’s eye view of some of the luckiest driving escapes ever.

Preparing For Festivals - Parking and Road Tips

Want to turn your festival adventure into a road trip? Driving gives you real flexibility, makes it easy to carry that tent, and leaves you free to explore too.

Formula 1 vs NASCAR

When the F1 season draws to a close, fans left wanting more often turn to other motorsport competitions to get their fix.

2016 Registration Plates: Winners & Losers

March 1st sees a new roll-out of vehicle registration plates. Kwik-Fit Insurance Services have therefore taken a look at who is set to gain from this new influx… and who might lose out:

Top 5: Funniest Parking Fails

Learning to park can be one of the hardest aspects of learning to drive and becoming a pro at parallel parking can take some people a few years to master.

Kwik Fit Christmas Competition winners

Our customer Christmas competition for 2015 has drawn to a close this week, with thousands of entrants we had a lucky few win cinema tickets, amazon vouchers and Evans cycles vouchers for a new ch

Star Wars: how close are we to flying cars?

The highly anticipated return of Star Wars this month will inevitably be accompanied by a widespread outbreak of nostalgia for the film’s many sci-fi innovations. 

What are the strangest laws still in place today?

We take a look at some of the stranges driving laws that are still in place in the UK, with some of them dating back for hundreds of years.

Bond's Recklessness Costs Q £1,498,855

With James Bond’s latest spy thriller hitting big screen, Kwik Fit Insurance Services have stepped into Q’s shoes to calculate the 


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