Industry Insights

Check out key insurance industry insights in 2015 that affect both consumers and insurers.

Why Car Insurance Rates Increase

No one wants to see their car insurance premium increase. What are the causes of rate hikes?

How Car Insurance Works After an Accident

We all know car insurance is essential - but what happens when you actually have to use it?

The Cheapest Cars to Insure

The cost of car insurance depends on many factors, including the make and model of car you want to insure.

Is it worth paying for premium unleaded petrol?

The price of petrol is often a hot topic, hardly surprising given that the fluctuations of the fuel market can impact the everyday budgeting of millions of motorists.

Sales of 'commuter sized' motorcycles on the rise

Figures released by the Motorcycle Industry Association show that more commuter motorcycles and scooters were sold in 2015 than in other year since records began, way back in 1983 with a 12% incre

The London Elections: What should drivers know?

The London Mayoral elections are fast approaching, so we've taken a look at the key features any new Mayor in the capital will be focusing on: driving and transport.

What will the impact of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change be for the motor industry?

Last month, world leaders representing all 195 UN member countries agreed upon a world first global deal to combat our climate crisis; the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

What's in store for the price of petrol in the coming year?

With the news that an independent garage in Northern Ireland is selling petrol for 94.9 pence a gallon , the lowest price seen anywhere in the UK since 2009, comes further evidence that the countr

Vehicle Traffic Hits New Heights

Christmas is coming, and that means busy roads and long journeys for many.

Best car releases of 2015

It's been another great year for new cars, with manufacturers launching, relaunching and updating myriad models across all sectors.


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