Find the latest cutting edge technology that will have an affect on the motor industry and your insurance.

What happens if your electric car breaks down?

There are plenty of things drivers can do to minimise the risk of breakdowns and if you have a regular, petrol or diesel car, you might know enough about what’s under the bonnet to fix a minor pro

UK leading way towards a driverless future

There’s been no shortage of speculation surrounding the emergence of driverless technology.

Is Your Car Insurance at Risk from Dashboard Distractions?

Most drivers in the UK are aware that using a mobile phone while driving is illegal due to the distracting nature of making and receiving calls or text messages.

Is Your Car Spying on You?

It’s no secret that companies use and sell customer data.

Stocking fillers: best gadgets you can buy for your car in 2015

Whether you’re seeking gift inspiration for the petrolhead in your life or looking for ideas to pimp your own ride, our guide to this year’s most wanted Christmas car gadgets gives you the lowdown

Driverless Cars – where are they headed?

Not so long ago driverless cars were the stuff of fanciful science fiction but, like so many of the technological advances anticipated by sci-fi books and films, self-driving cars may soon become

A Petrolhead's Guide to the Driving Gadgets of 2014

Today's christmas post is written by Motor Mistress who is an Automotive and Leasing Industry expert. 

Car-Technology Friend Or Foe

The constant evolution of cars away from mere mechanical transport towards fully digital transport communication and entertainment solutions has not come without compromise.

Concept Cars – How often Do they Become a Reality?

Nick Johnson is the founder of, a website set up to make it easy for people to buy their next car by mana

How soon could we see Apple's Siri-like technology become a reality for cars?

Oliver Hammond is an established motoring writer, regularly reviewing cars and covering events as editor of PetroleumVitae.c


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