We get all kinds of questions & some are more common than others. Below are our commonly asked questions for bike insurance.


Can I transfer my maximum no claims bonus and keep it protected?

Yes it is possible to protect your no claim bonus.

Can I get a discount if I have any security fittings?

Alarms and immobilisers which are fitted at manufacturing stage are accounted for in the policy and therefore an additional discount is usually not applicable. Additional fittings such as Thatcham approved immobilisers, and other added security systems lessen the risk of the motorcycle being stolen, and can lead to a discount in the insurance premium.

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Do you insure convicted riders?

Yes we offer competitive rates to all riders, including riders with motoring convictions.

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What do I do if I need to make a claim?

Most insurers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More information will be given in your policy booklet.

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When would I be allowed to ride another bike?

Each case is individually rated but generally aged 21+, riding a motorcycle 351+cc and not working in the motor industry (other occupations may also be excluded). Also any riders with major convictions may be excluded.

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Would my policy allow me to ride in Europe?

Yes! We are able to offer insurance to cover riding in Europe. Please contact us for more details.

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Why haven't I received my documents yet?

We always aim to issue your Welcome Pack within 7 working days. This contains your Proposal Form/Statement of Insurance, Certificate & Schedule of Motor Insurance and our Terms of Business Agreement. 

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Why does my Insurance Schedule show a higher premium than I have been quoted?

We will often make a business decision to discount the premium charged by our Insurer panel. The insurance schedule will always show the full premium that the insurers require, our welcome letter will confirm the discount we have allowed along with the costs of any additional products you have opted to take out. The total amount payable will always match what you have been quoted either online or via our call centre

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The information on my Proposal Form/Statement of Insurance is incorrect, what should I do?

It is important that the information shown on your documentation is accurate as any incorrect information may invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim and mean that your insurer does not pay out. If any information is incorrect please contact us immediately on 0800 980 1927.

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Why does my Certificate of Motor Insurance state it is a "duplicate"?

If a Certificate has to be re-printed for any reason, it will state duplicate as it is not the 1st copy to be issued. This does not affect the legality of the document and is nothing to worry about. It will still be accepted as proof of Insurance should you ever need to produce it to the Police or use it to obtain Road Tax.

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I have No Claims Bonus from a previous Insurance policy; can I use this on my new policy with Kwik Fit Insurance Services Insurance?

Generally speaking, we can accept no claims bonus earned on a like-for-like vehicle (i.e. a car, motorcycle or van), which was insured in your name, in the UK and expired within the last two years. On occasion, we may be able to allow no claims bonus earned on either a company vehicle or another type of vehicle.

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My policy is due for renewal within 21 days, what do I need to do?

We will write to you in good time before your policy renewal date with details of your premium and optional additional cover for the next twelve months.

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